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      Inspiration and Ideas — Personalising our own space

      Creating our own Sanctuary at Home

      Creating our own Sanctuary at Home

      Being surrounded by things that give us joy and lift our spirits can allow us to restore a life balance and rejuvenate us.

      For some this means maximalism and colour and for others a neutral palette and minimalism. The fact that we are all so different means that there is no one size fits all and knowing what you like means finding the spaces that restore you. It's very personal.

      We all need somewhere to retreat to, somewhere to connect to and find contentment.

      Using decoration is vital to help set the theme for our own space and just a few carefully chosen pieces can give personal meaning. Shapes such as the labyrinth and the smooth curves of beach pebbles are organic and timeless and connect to a deep and ageless spirituality.

      The almost endless colours and the different structures of crystals are uplifting and can be energetic or calming depending what we choose.

      Suncatchers hung in a window to catch the light are one way to add crystals to our homes (the one below in aqua colours and with raw kyanite at it's base, can be found in the Moonsilver store).

      Wall art can really change the atmosphere of the surroundings we live in, big and bold or natural, echoing the colours and structures of nature. Paintings, framed posters and even collected ephemera - I have a friend who frames leaflets collected on their travels to amazing and vibrant effect in their home.

      Ceramic art has texture and free standing or framed can add layers of meaning to a space, helping to curate an over all theme to communicate who we are and ground us in the place we call home.

      See the above products in more detail here.

      Useful and beautiful objects, not decoration but still decorative are yet another way to give meaning to our surroundings, smudge sticks, singing bowls, essential oil diffusers, all can help to nurture our body and soul.

      I like to think that we are free to express ourselves in our homes, that being safe and trying to think what everyone else will like would end up with us inhabiting a place where we are bit players in our own lives and being central to our own story means that we should all feel free to express ourselves in order to bring us more happiness.