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      Inspiration and Ideas — Holiday jewellery

      Packing For A Holiday

      Packing For A Holiday

      Do you love or hate packing to go away? Deciding what to take and what to leave in the wardrobe is something of an art. You want to have enough to cover all eventualities but not to have too much to cart around. Maybe you want to fit it all into hand luggage instead of the hold?

      One way to cut down on the number of things you need to take is to choose your accessories carefully. The extras; a statement necklace, eye-catching earrings or a shawl, can change up an outfit so that a single skirt with a few different tops can take you through most situations with flair.

      I like to pack my jewellery in a padded jewellery case that I made for the purpose. It unfolds into a mat so that I can lay it all out on when I get to where I'm staying and then I can choose how to create different looks at a glance.

      Below I've chosen a terracotta pendant with a triskele symbol and gemstones. I'm wearing a simple white t shirt but it would look great with a black vest top or a summery halter top.

      A pair of handmade enamelled copper earrings with gemstones, one of a kind, they are statement pieces that would look fantastic on a warm summer evening with a long summer dress.

      A rune necklace with large gemstone bead for an earthy, relaxed look. 

      Maybe adding a bracelet, especially if you're wearing a sleeveless top? The one below is a perfect, light and summery holiday choice.

      Holidays are a fun time to try something new, perhaps to indulge yourself with a style that you wouldn't wear at home.

      Whatever else holidays should be fun and having limited clothes in your case is no bar to looking fabulous!