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      Inspiration and Ideas — Ceramic runes

      Reading the Runes

      Reading the Runes

       The first runic alphabet was the Elder Futhark which consists of 24 runes, this evolved into the Younger Futhark with only 16 runes. The name is formed from the first letters of the alphabet and each rune has a name that represents its sound. The Elder Futhark alphabet was used between approximately 150 and 800 CE/AD.

      It is this alphabet that is most commonly used in rune sets and the one I use for all of my jewellery and rune sets.

      There are lots of books about the runes and how to use them. I don't personally use them for divination but instead as both talismans and also to think about how I am approaching things. I think that we each have all aspects of each rune  and its energy within us.

      The rune below, sowilo, represents the sun and its energy. As an aspect of yourself, it could be representative of your drive and motivation. It is a nurturing and creative energy but also very powerful. It's your push, the thing that gets you going.

      Drawing sowilo might suggest that you are feeling creative and motivated, feeling good. It might also be a rune you would choose to wear if you wanted to increase this energy.

      Each one of the runes in the rune set below can be worn as a pendant necklace. In addition to being a set of runes in its own lovely drawstring bag, there is a waxed cotton cord that can be used to wear one of the runes. The great thing about this is that it means you can choose to wear any of the 24 runes whenever you wish.

      The more you learn about the runes, the more there is to learn. From the mythology surrounding them, to the meaning and interpretation of each rune.

      Commercial rune sets can be made using gemstones and I stock of few of these sets in my shop but my handmade and glazed ceramic runes are a beautiful alternative.